Which state has the worst drivers in the U

When you get cut off, stuck behind a slow poke in the passing lane or see someone whizzing by at 90 miles per hour in a 45 mph zone, it’s tradition to check the license plate and say, “No wonder they’re from such and such state.”SmartAsset, a financial tech firm that offers interactive tools for home buying, insurance and investment, completed a survey that offers one metric for assessing which state has the baddest of the bad when it comes to road warriors.Rounding up data from the Insurance Research Council,wholesale jerseys from china Federal Highway Administration and National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, SmartAsset concludes that the worst drivers live and die in the Southeast.Here’s a list of the worst, and the reasons why:1. Florida. Floridians Google “speeding tickets” and “traffic tickets” more than any other state. They also have the second lowest number of insured drivers in the nation.2. Mississippi. The state had the fifth highest number of deaths resulting from auto accidents and the 12th highest rate of DUI arrests per driver in the country. Like Florida, relatively few people are insured.3. Oklahoma. When it comes to states with many uninsured drivers, Oklahoma has more than its fair share: Only 74 percent of its drivers are insured. It also has one of the 15 worst scores in DUIs per thousand drivers and the number of people killed per thousand drivers in auto accidents.4. New Jersey. The Garden State has the second most deaths per driver.5. Delaware. New Jersey’s neighbor and rival for worst drivers in the mid Atlantic region, Delaware is the only state with more deaths per driver than New Jersey.6. Alabama. This state has bad scores all around.7. Vermont. It leads the nation in DUIs per driver with 50 per thousand drivers.8. Tennessee. The state is one of the least insured states in the country, with 20 percent of drivers not having car insurance. Tennessee also has the 18th highest number of deaths per thousand drivers.9. Texas. It has the highest percentage of deaths from drunk driving at 40 percent.10. Nevada. Nevada is the third worst state for traffic and speeding tickets, as well as being the 17th worst state for DUIs.So which states seem to have better drivers? Miller’s findings let some overcrowded northeastern states like Massachusetts off the hook, despite the bad reputation of Boston drivers, he said. It ranked 48th down the list because it has the highest rate of insured drivers.The best state in SmartAsset’s survey? Maine.Insurers generally second the findings.”Some of the most expensive states for auto insurance Florida and New Jersey are also those with the worst drivers,” said Loretta Worters, a spokesperson for the Insurance Information Institute, which represents car insurers. “Delaware’s size, density and location contribute to a generally high rate of traffic fatalities, and the trend appears to be worsening.”2016 CBS Interactive Inc.Most Popular StoriesMost Popular StoriesMore>>Seahawks QB Russell Wilson visits Montana girl at Seattle hospitalSeahawks QB Russell Wilson visits Montana girl at Seattle hospitalUpdated: Wednesday, August 10 2016 11:56 AM EDT2016 08 10 15:56:23 GMTRussell Wilson visits eight year old Daisy Hader in Seattle.On Monday in Seattle, a simple act of kindness made an incredible difference in the life of 8 year old Daisy Hader.On Monday in Seattle, a simple act of kindness made an incredible difference in the life of 8 year old Daisy Hader.Wyoming man accused of murdering wife in front of childrenWyoming man accused of murdering wife in front of childrenUpdated: Wednesday, August 10 2016 10:20 AM EDT2016 08 10 14:20:37 GMT

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Which Spanish club is after Harry Kane now

So just how gross do festival wristbands get?The moment a woman parked a Mercedes on top of a FerrariBride asks man with father’s heart to walk her down the aisleDownload our app

Real Madrid are set to cash in on their good relationship with Tottenham by lining up a move for Harry Kane. Madrid,cheap jerseys who bought Luka Modric and Gareth Bale from Spurs, see Kane as the figurehead of the next generation with Cristiano Ronaldo future uncertain, reports the Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Star claims that Manchester United are lining up a sensational 65 million summer bid for Chelsea Eden Hazard. The Belgium playmaker is reported to be unsettled at Stamford Bridge after a disappointing season and United are targeting him after being told they will not get Bale.

Manchester United also want to bring red hot Everton striker Romelu Lukaku to Old Trafford in the summer. Louis van Gaal side have played down rumours of a January bid for the former Chelsea man, with the Daily Mirror reporting a 40 million raid is being prepared.

The MailOnline is reporting that Chelsea made an approach for former manager Carlo Ancelotti five weeks before Jose Mourinho left his role on December. However, Ancelotti, who was fired at the end of the 2011 campaign, rejected the chance to return to Stamford Bridge.

Finally, Swansea have had a 14.1 million bid for Napoli Manolo Gabbiadini rejected, according to the Guardian.

Who is a better bet for Manchester United: Ronaldo or Gareth Bale?

Most Read in Sport

Dutch cyclist Annemiek van Vleuten posts image of facial injuries following Rio horror crashShe says it was hard to deal with the disappointment but added she was proud about her team’s performance.

Some people get quite offended by this Canadian swimmer’s pre race ritualSanto Condorelli has a unique way to bring himself luck before he swims.

Whoops! This Chinese swimmer celebrates his gold medal but doesn’t nail itSun Yang tries to throw his cap into the crowd, but things don’t exactly go to plan.

WATCH: Everyone loves the O’Donovan brothers after this brilliant interviewUp Skibb!

American swimmer Lilly King wasn’t afraid to share her views on Olympic drug cheatsKing had already “stirred it up”, in her own words, in the build up to the race by wagging her finger at the “cheating” Russian.

Irish swimmer blasts ‘cheaters’ after losing out on semi final place”Who are you supposed to trust now? They have signs all over the village saying we are a clean sport, and it’s not. And I just don’t think that’s fair.”

Irish boxer Michael O’Reilly out of Olympics after he admits taking supplementIrish middleweight boxer Michael O’Reilly has this evening admitted taking a supplement that may have contained a banned substance, writes Daniel McConnell, Political Editor.

Joy and despair for Ireland at Rio Olympics; Appeal means Ireland’s equestrians drop a placeIt was an action packed day for Team Ireland in Rio today, with two winners, four qualifiers in total but one devastating disappointment, writes Daragh Conchir.

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Comment attirer Bonne chance et bonne fortune

psychologue Richard Wiseman a constaté que les gens chanceux se comportent et agissent d’une manière qui leur apporte la bonne chance. La chance est pas due à kismet, karma, ou pure coïncidence; la chance est une attitude positive qui entraîne une prophétie auto-réalisatrice. Votre première étape de la chance commence par l’écoute de vos intuitions et vos intuitions. Dans mon expérience, les premières impressions sont toujours correctes, donc si vous avez une intuition que quelqu’un que vous venez de rencontrer va être utile dans une recherche d’emploi ou une relation, aller avec votre intestin. Remettez votre carte de visite ou de votre numéro de téléphone, et être sûr d’obtenir son / son numéro, aussi bien. Vous trouverez que votre intuition est correcte lorsque le téléphone sonne ou les messages instantanés apparaissent. Et ils le feront.

Profitez des possibilités de hasard, sur la base de l’étape 1. Dites que vous rencontrez quelqu’un «par hasard», mais savoir que vous avez des amis ou des expériences en commun. Vous pouvez désactiver cette rencontre fortuite dans un autre, plus rencontrer ou d’un échange par courriel. Le réseautage est la prochaine étape logique, que ce soit par Internet ou en personne. J’ai un ami qui a assisté à une femme en réunion de film, et après pupilles, se dirigea vers le haut-parleur, un cadre à un grand studio, et lui tendit une carte de visite. En une semaine, mon ami a eu une entrevue d’emploi et un emploi.moncler femme Il était une combinaison d’intuition et de tirer le meilleur parti d’un «hasard» l’occasion. Mon ami n’est pas ordinairement si gras; elle vient de «savait» d’approcher l’exécutif, et son intuition payé.

Gardez une bonne chance / bonne fortune journal quotidien. Dans ce livre blanc, notez chaque bonne expérience de la chance que vous aviez pendant la journée si elle est de trouver un quart dans la rue (le sou neuf) ou un ami vous emmène déjeuner, les notations triviales de bonne chance de construire chaque jour jusqu’à ce que vous avez un de la semaine ou la valeur de bonnes notations de chance de mois. En se concentrant sur bonne chance / coïncidences heureuses ou la bonne fortune inattendue, et en bannissant les pensées négatives, vous créez votre propre jardin de bonne chance. De ce jardin pousse de nombreuses plantes de bonne fortune! Penser et croire à propos de Good Luck devient une partie de votre routine quotidienne, lorsque vous notez chaque bonne expérience de la chance. En suivant vos antécédents chanceux, bonne chance est sûr d’être amélioré et remarqué en particulier les possibilités fortuites.

Attendez-vous à Good Luck. Votre journal quotidien chanceux va vous apprendre à remarquer la bonne chance et comment l’apprécier. Apprendre que la bonne chance peut se produire dans de nombreuses façons différentes vous permet de faire l’attente de la bonne chance et la bonne fortune d’une partie de votre vie. Les gens chanceux sont ceux qui connaissent la bonne chance est juste autour du coin, même quand il semble qu’ils sont dans une impasse. Les personnes chanceuses persévèrent, peu importe ce que leurs problèmes, et recherchent des gens positifs, des possibilités et des moyens positifs pour prendre de l’avance. Bonne chance est vraiment juste autour du coin, si vous croyez qu’il en soit ainsi.

Les personnes chanceuses tournent la malchance dans la bonne chance (comme la fabrication proverbiale limonade à partir d’un citron). Les personnes chanceuses utilisent des affirmations (pensées positives écrites sur des notes autocollantes et collées sur votre miroir ou votre réfrigérateur). Ils bannissent les gens de pensée négative de leur vie (ou, si les membres de la famille, apprendre à détourner leur pensée négative ou critiques). Si une situation malheureuse se produit, les gens chanceux imaginent immédiatement comment les choses bien pires pourraient être, et mis au travail faire de bonnes choses. Ils ne demeurent sur le négatif.

Laissez un sourire être votre parapluie. En d’autres termes, quand il est orageuse en dehors, considérez le fait la pluie nettoie les mauvaises énergies; guérit la sécheresse; refroidit et nettoie l’atmosphère. Regardez sur le côté lumineux des jours de pluie, parce que le soleil va bientôt sortir!

Comment arrêter une Aura Migraine

migraines classiques commencent par un signe d’avertissement, appelé une aura. Une aura de migraine se produit avant l’attaque de migraine réelle. Les symptômes peuvent inclure des éclairs de lumière, des taches aveugles, vision déformée ou motifs lumineux, qui peuvent se produire jusqu’à 30 minutes avant le début de la douleur. Le traitement de la migraine au cours de l’aura peut, dans certains cas, arrêter le mal de tête avant que la douleur commence, mettant fin à la migraine avant même qu’elle ne commence vraiment.

Étape 1

Arrêtez ce que vous faites dès que vous commencez à remarquer les symptômes de l’aura et de faire une tentative de la tête hors de la migraine venant en sens inverse. Plus vous attendez pour traiter les symptômes de l’aura, plus il se développera en une migraine Full Blown.

Étape 2

Allez dans une pièce sombre et masser doucement votre tête. Soulager la pression dans votre cuir chevelu dans des conditions de détente peut aider à apprivoiser la migraine venant en sens inverse.

Étape 4

Boire une tasse de café. Pour certaines personnes, la caféine aide à arrêter une migraine en développement, en particulier lorsqu’il est utilisé en conjonction avec de l’acétaminophène. Cependant, en utilisant trop souvent la caféine peut causer des maux de tête de sevrage, explique la Cleveland Clinic.

Etape 5

Hydratez en buvant beaucoup d’eau ou d’autres liquides. Hydratation est particulièrement important lorsque l’aura est accompagnée de vomissements.

Etape 6

Prenez un sur le comptoir analgésique pendant votre aura, avant le mal de tête commence réellement. L’acétaminophène, l’ibuprofène et l’aspirine sont toutes de bonnes options.

Etape 7

Prendre un médicament triptan. Triptans HALT une migraine en cours par la constriction des vaisseaux sanguins et peuvent être prises au cours de l’aura qui précède une migraine.http://www.moncleroutletfr.top/ Demandez à votre médecin pour une prescription d’un médicament triptan, puisque ceux-ci ne sont pas disponibles sur le comptoir.

Etape 8

Essayez d’utiliser le pétasite ou feverfew herbes après avoir consulté un médecin au sujet de la dose et la fréquence d’utilisation appropriée. L’Université du Maryland Medical Center site note que ces herbes ont été montré efficace pour arrêter ou prévenir les migraines dans de petites études cliniques.

Etape 9

Utilisez un remède homéopathique après avoir consulté un homéopathe enregistré pour obtenir des conseils sur le composé spécifique à utiliser pour vos symptômes individuels. Certains remèdes homéopathiques communs incluent la belladone, bryonia, Ignatia, Lachesis et sépia, selon le site de l’Université du Maryland Medical Center .

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Gift ideas

Essential Bicycle Maintenance Repair


Modern road bikes are a sophisticated blend of function and form.canada goose bird Their purpose is to efficiently move the rider across great distances, but like any mechanical device they do require maintenance.

Learning the proper techniques for looking after your bicycle does not have to be a daunting task. Daimeon Shanks shares his knowledge of bike repairs and maintenance in this informative guidebook. Olympic Center, and at numerous European cycling events.

Beginning with a description of the modern road bike, Shanks goes over all the tools you should have and then explains basic maintenance, including pre and post ride checks. From there he guides you through a part by part examination explaining in every case what can go wrong and how to repair it.

Once everything is ready to go, Shanks devotes the final chapter to a detailed analysis of how to achieve the perfect fit.


For music lovers who are fascinated by details this extensive collection will certainly appeal.

More than 200 of the most significant rock acts from the past five decades are featured here. Displayed in alphabetical order, each listing shows the full lineup of each band throughout their career and their album releases. Additional photographs of the top 50 acts are also included.

Girls will be Boys

They’re called ladettes or yobettes, a new breed of young woman hell bent on outdoing the blokes and they’re truly frightening, violent, selfish, with no sense of shame.

But not only are they hurting those around them, far more worrying is the damage they’re doing to themselves.

TARA BROWN: This is Rose Nestor by day. A 24 year old professional from Ballarat. ROSE NESTOR: Let’s have some fun. TARA BROWN: And this is Rose by night a party animal who has no sense of shame. This is a party bus of Aussie ladettes on a normal night out. A night where the aim is to out drink and out sex the blokes. ROSE NESTOR: Tonight, we are going to go out there and be the bloody blokes. Get laid, get your tits out and drink down large amounts of piss. Everyone is getting laid. It’s like I have this second character called Sharon that just comes out when I have been drinking. And she is a real ocker Aussie, and it always gets a laugh. KELLIE MCDONALD: Are you ready to pick up another shot? TARA BROWN: Another City another girl, but the same drunken antics. 20 year old Kellie McDonald is on a four day bender. Every week, from Thursday to Monday she does not stop boozing. Or trying to match it with the boys. KELLIE MCDONALD: I am a big drinker, a very big alcoholic drinker. I do not stop once I start, I am a party animal. TARA BROWN: So, you look like a good girl but act like a bad boy? KELLIE MCDONALD: Yes, you could put it like that. TARA BROWN: Kelly and Rose represent a new breed of young woman ROSE NESTOR: No one will see your face, and you gotta press ’em. TARA BROWN: Around the world they’re called ‘ladettes’ but here they’re quickly earning a more disturbing title ‘yobettes’ Big drinkers, sexually aggressive, increasingly violent and they don’t care who they hurt or who they offend. The bottom line is you do not really care, whether anyone approves or disapproves of your behaviour. I’m going to go out and have fun and be me. If people don’t like it then they don’t like it. TARA BROWN: Are girls behaving differently? DR KAREN BROOKS: Yes, and in fact there is evidence that it has really escalated too. The extreme drinking, the idea of the girl as being sexually assertive if not aggressive, and the predator after the boy. And also being physically violent. TARA BROWN: Sociologist and university professor Dr Karen Brooks says there is a generation of women who see men behaving badly, and believe they have the right to do the same. What message is that sending out? GIRL: I think that independence is great for women, but you don’t have to out do the blokes. TARA BROWN: For some, it is a hard message to hear. Especially when high profile women are celebrated for some very low acts. DR KAREN BROOKS: We see the Amy Winehouses and even the Britney Spears’ and the Paris Hiltons falling down drunk, getting arrested, being abusive and yet they get so much attention that is seen as something positive. TARA BROWN: So even if the intention is negative, even if they are pilloried, they still see this as something they want to do? DR KAREN BROOKS: It is attention. We live in a voyeur culture. People like watching each other and if it means these girls get watched, then to them that is a positive consequence of their actions. TARA BROWN: On her night out, Rose was making all the first moves. Dirty dancing, and kissing a complete stranger in front of a big crowd. But this exhibition is not about attraction, it is because she can. So you aim here was to do what with this guy? ROSE NESTOR: Just treat him like a piece of steak. TARA BROWN: A piece of meat? ROSE NESTOR: Yes. It is about winning. I like beating them at their own game. I did not care who it was. I was going to go get him, have him, then get rid of him. Bin him. TARA BROWN: It sounds a bit sad, Rose? ROSE NESTOR: Can I frisk you? MAN: Can you frisk me? ROSE NESTOR: Can I frisk you? TARA BROWN: It is it too simple to blame alcohol solely? DR KAREN BROOKS: Yes, absolutely. Alcohol is completely part of the problem in certain situations. Alcohol fuels it. It is also a convenient excuse for a very bad behaviour. They are making choices here and they choose to behave like that. TARA BROWN: Despite appearances, Rose is an independent and funny woman and she is deeply giving, caring for people with disabilities. It is just when the ladette in her comes out that is all people see. And it has got her into serious trouble. Sacked from various jobs and picked up by police. On one night for attacking a bouncer. I mean, I like to do everything once. If I could have drawn the line at once for that event I would have been probably pretty satisfied. TARA BROWN: Rose’s parents Chris and Christine are very traditional very down to earth people. They are still struggling to work out how their once angelic daughter has turned into a wild child. CHRIS NESTOR: It is just something you never thought could happen. Mainly it was the boys and men were the ones that get themselves into that sort of situation. But it is our daughter. It is certainly very hard to take. TARA BROWN: What you think of your daughter trying to hurt a bouncer or anyone? CHRISTINE NESTOR: It is ridiculous. Just ridiculous. But it is the drink, isn’t it. They’re all very angry girls, I think. TARA BROWN: What are they angry at? CHRISTINE NESTOR: I think everything, the men mainly. TARA BROWN: Assaults, malicious damage, robbery, crimes most commonly committed by men and now increasingly being done by females. In fact, in the last 10 years and the number of under aged girls linked to crime has more than doubled. As these confronting images show, the violence is the hardest to stomach. Why are women feeling the need to be violent towards one another and towards men? DR KAREN BROOKS: From the moment a child is born in this day and age, somebody has calculated that by the time they’re 18 they have seen over 200,000 violent images. We even have terms for some of this stuff road rage, trolley rage. We are a society in love with rage. It is in their arsenal of weapons if you like. Whereas before it might have been a comment, a derogatory comment, now it is a fist. KELLIE MCDONALD: There is a hole in the wall from where she would not give me the money to go out. And so, it is either the wall or something else. TARA BROWN: Kellie McDonald is a girl out of control. She is repeatedly threatened her mum with violence, always looking for her next drink. KELLIE MCDONALD: These are from this weekend, they were all full. TARA BROWN: From this weekend? You have drunk all this this weekend? KELLIE MCDONALD: Yep, and that is not including the case of Cruisers and all the other stuff I get my hands on. TARA BROWN: And with this much alcohol on board, Kelly is a frightening girl when she is out in Sydney’s pubs. ROSE NESTOR: You are making a fool of yourself right now. I get revved up quite easily, so if someone says something and I disagree I usually say something back and I am the first person to say OK, “if you want to go then let’s go” TARA BROWN: What? Fight? KELLIE MCDONALD: Yep, I do not go looking for a fight but if there is one in front of me and someone is egging me on to go do it then I am not going to hesitate. TARA BROWN: Is that women or men or both? KELLIE MCDONALD: Both. ROSE NESTOR: Shock therapy you want to shock people all the time is what you do. TARA BROWN: This is a woman in trouble. Kellie has not yet turned 21 but already she has battled an ice addiction. Has been caught shoplifting. And even though she denies it, continues to steal from her mum Kerry. KERRY MCDONALD: I have never stolen anything in my life. KELLIE MCDONALD: Yeah but, I am an attention seeker. If I want something, I’ll do anything I can to get it. TARA BROWN: What distresses you the most about her behaviour? KERRY MCDONALD: I don’t know, one day she will go out and I will get the phone call that she is never coming home. Or that she has been raped or assaulted. TARA BROWN: Last month, Rosemary Gill got one of those awful calls. Her 17 year old daughter Julianne had been bashed by a group of five girls. As she walked home late one night here in Casino in northern NSW. What happened on the night? JULIANNE GILL: Ok, well, I made a run for it up to here, and one of the female attackers came from behind and pulled my hair and a standard punching into the back there. ROSEMARY GILL: That is how deaths happen isn’t it? When they had her on the ground and put the boot into her, that shocked the living daylights out of me. TARA BROWN: When you expect to be able to get over this? JULIANNE GILL: It’s definitely not something I’m going to forget. it is going to take a lot of time to heal. It will always be in the back of my mind wherever I go. TARA BROWN: It is clear, the trauma of the assault is still very raw. You are not feeling very safe here at the moment? Ok, you should go then. Julianne is shattered by what happened to her, but according to Karen Brooks the growing violence and ladette behaviour amongst women, are also at symptoms of damage and unhappiness. DR KAREN BROOKS: On one hand they’re shutting people out, they are being aggressive, they’re saying “keep away from me or I’ll thump you” or whatever. On the other it is really a cry for attention and a cry to be accepted and embraced and I think the fear of being hurt, they hurt first. ROSE NESTOR: It starts with the prowl. TARA BROWN: Rose seems happiest when she is the centre of attention. But behind the act, Rose is a pretty sad girl. Treated badly by men in the past, she now goes out of her way to do the same to them. ROSE NESTOR: Can I give you a score? I don’t let them in any more. I just go out as a spectator, parade around, play the goose.http://www.icanadagoosereview.top/ It makes me feel good. And go home with no one, but you know, no one can hurt me that way. TARA BROWN: You’re only 24 Rose, but it sounds that you have given up on life? Is that how you are feeling? ROSE NESTOR: I dunno. KELLIE MCDONALD: In my eyes there is no point going out having one or two. I go out, to drink, to get pissed, to have fun. A lady shouldn’t do that, so. TARA BROWN: So there is part of you that wants to stop that? KELLIE MCDONALD: Yeah, there is part of me that wants to stop it but there is a part of me going “you’re young, enjoy it.” TARA BROWN: You reckon you will grow out of it one day? KELLIE MCDONALD: Hopefully. I think I’m a bit too scared to sit down and actually think about what could be making me tick, and do all that stuff. TARA BROWN: What do you want out of your life? ROSE NESTOR: A family. And to be a role model to my children. That’s what I want. But with addicts like these, Rose seems a long way from fulfilling those dreams. And that is the risk for most ladettes. What starts out as fun becomes a way of life. Their bad behaviour defines them. But in his anything goes world, it seems ultimately they’re missing out on what they want most. If you want something so much what is stopping you from changing? What is stopping you from just going “OK, I am not going to expose my breasts on a bus.” ROSE NESTOR: Do you know what? I guess, this is personal for me, since I was a kid I have always wanted society’s validation, that I am OK. You know. I want to throw it out there and say this is me, and I’m telling you I am not who I want to be. I am not OK. I need some help.

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Which one will convince voters about ‘change’

Washington President Obama has brought “change” back to the heart of his pitch to voters, going toe to toe with Republican challenger Mitt Romney’s competing message that he represents real change.

Five days before the election, and on the first full day of campaigning for both candidates since superstorm Sandy ripped up coastal New Jersey and New York City, the president and the ex governor of Massachusetts are making their closing arguments.cheap nfl jerseys On Thursday, both spoke of the havoc wrought by the storm and expressed empathy for those who have suffered.

Mr. Romney urged donations to charities helping with storm relief. Mr. Obama revived a theme from his breakout speech at the 2004 Democratic National Convention, where he called on Americans to rise above partisanship. Obama reprised the Bush years years, he said, of tax cuts for the wealthy and “free license” for Wall Street and the oil and insurance industries and then accused Romney of “using all his talents as a salesman” to dress up the same “failed” policies as change.

“Well, let me tell you, Wisconsin, we know what change looks like,” said Obama, who made “hope and change” his mantra in 2008. “And what the governor is offering sure ain’t change.”

Obama continued: “Giving more power back to the biggest banks isn’t change. Leaving millions without health insurance isn’t change. Another $5 trillion tax cut that favors the wealthy isn’t change. Turning Medicare into a voucher is change, but we don’t want that change.”

Romney has been hammering on “change” since well before Sandy, an easier argument for him to make as the challenger to an incumbent president who has labored to bring America back from near economic collapse four years ago.

Romney called out Obama for going negative and small for trying to save Big Bird and “then playing silly word games with my last name,” a reference to the “Romnesia” attack line that Obama and the Democrats have been using to portray Romney as a flip flopper.

And the former businessman ridiculed Obama’s suggestion that he would appoint a “secretary of business” in a second term to consolidate government functions that support business.

“We don’t need a secretary of business to understand business; we need a president who understands business, and I do,” Romney said, speaking in Roanoke, Va.

“This isn’t a time for small measures,” he continued. “This is a time for greatness. This is a time for big change, for real change.”

Each candidate also sought to convince voters that he has a plan for the next four years. Romney has long been pitching his five point plan, centered on energy, trade, job training, debt and deficits, and small business. That remains the heart of his final pitch to voters.

Two weeks ago, Obama came out with his plan for a second term in a 20 page brochure called, “A Plan for Jobs and Middle Class Security.” For a while, he boiled that down to a five point plan in his stump speech, focused on tax reform, energy, education, deficit reduction, and infrastructure.

In his new closing argument speech, Obama raises many of the same themes, but packages them more under the rubric of “change” rather than under a five point plan, and with more populist overtones.

While Obama suggests Romney would be a champion in Washington for “the folks at the very top,” he promises to represent the people he meets every day on the campaign trail the laid off furniture worker who is retraining for a job in biotechnology, the auto worker who’s “back on the job,” the young teacher “doing her best in an overcrowded classroom.”

He ended by summoning the memory of President Franklin D. Roosevelt, who governed during the Great Depression and took well more than one term to get the nation back on its feet.

Romney went personal toward the end of his speech, something he has avoided through much of the campaign but has been doing more of lately. He spoke of his older sister Lynn, who is a widow with eight grown children, including 43 year old Jeffrey, who has Down syndrome.

“I’ve watched Lynn throughout those 43 years do everything in her power to give him a fulfilled and abundant life,” Romney said. “She’s a hero because she gives of herself to someone else she loves.”

On Friday, the campaign will see what is likely to be the last outside factor that could influence votes: the release of the October unemployment figure by the Labor Department. But economists don’t expect a major change in the rate, currently at 7.8 percent, and so undecided voters probably have all the information they’re going to get as they head into the voting booths on Tuesday.

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grad mord i dødsfald blandt 2 kvinder

TORONTO, Ont. En 42-årig mand er blevet sigtet for første grad mord i dødsfald blandt to kvinder, mandag.

Adonay Zekarias er anklaget for at dræbe 55 år gammel Nighisti Semret i oktober 2012. Han er også anklaget i død Rigat Essag Ghirmay, 28, hvis torso blev opdaget i en Duffel taske i Jane og Alliancens område i maj.

Den anklagede, og begge ofre, alle kommer fra Eritrea, og politiet nu siger, at de var kendt hinanden. Zekarias vidste Semret efter flytning til Canada og bor i en overgang hus på samme tid.

Semret blev stukket ihjel, da hun gik hjem gennem Cabbagetown fra hendes overnight job på Delta Chelsea Hotel.billige canada goose Toronto Detective Sergeant Gary Giroux sagde det var denne hændelse, der udløste forbindelsen mellem de to sager.

på, at den dag, Mr. Zekarias myrdede Miss Semret, han vendte hjem og interageret med Ms Ghirmay, sagde han.

Det troede Zekarias dræbte Ghirmay efter at hun mistænkte ham i død Semret.

Politiet sagde også DNA-beviser knyttet Zekarias at Semret. Før opdagelsen af ​​Ghirmay forbliver i maj blev det meddelt, at DNA Semret angriberen blev fundet, og den mistænkte ville have sår på hænder og arme.

tror konfrontationen skete i en uge eller så bagefter, efter at Gary [Giroux sidste pressekonference, Detective Sergeant Pauline Gray fortalte reportere, mandag. min personlige teori, at Rigat vidste eller havde regnet ud, hvad Mr. Zekarias havde gjort. siger Ghirmay og Semret ikke direkte kender hinanden.

Søgningen efter resten af ​​Ghirmay krop fortsætter, og politiet beder alle, der måske har set Zekarias transporterer bagage til at komme frem. Efterforskere er også på udkig efter folk, der vidste ofrene eller har mistanke til at udfylde de tomme felter, hvorfor Semret blev dræbt.

Voksende rabarber plante udfordring i ørkenklima

Spørgsmål: Jeg savner at have rabarber i min baghave, som jeg gjorde i Ohio og Michigan.

Kan jeg dyrke rabarber i Sun City? Hvis ja, hvad sort er bedst? Kunne du også give mig oplysninger om, hvor og hvordan at plante og pleje det?

Svar: Jeg talte med Starr Urbatsch, en ledende gartner her på Desert Botanical Garden. Hun siger, ifølge University of Arizona Cooperative Extension, rabarber er ikke pålideligt kan tilpasses under 2.000 fod elevation. Der er behov for en mere tempereret klima med køligere temperaturer og lange dage som Prescott eller Flagstaff.

Du don se denne plante meget ofte i de lavere ørkener. Nogle diehard gartnere sige det doable, dog med nogle ekstra arbejde.

Her er nogle tips: Rabarber betragtes som en staude, men det skal behandles her som en vinter årligt.

Det bør plantes i efteråret i en plet med morgensol og eftermiddag skygge, i veldrænet og let sur jord (pH på ca. 5,0 til 6,8). Du kan høste stilke det første år i foråret.

Endelig, hvis du kan finde det, kigge efter kirsebær rabarber. Strawberry rabarber ikke gør godt her.

Starr mantra er, prøv det. Du ved aldrig; du måske har det perfekte sted for det!

Q: Hvad er den bedste tid på året til at plante en banan træ (plante), og hvilken type af lokalt tilgængelige jord skal anvendes?

A: Efter truslen om frost i Marts er det ideelle tidspunkt at plante Musa eller banan. De fleste bananer vi planter her i den nederste ørkenen er til pynt. Men jeg har set frugt på dem.

Musa x paradisiaca, der vokser til 20 fod, er den mest almindelige banan set i dalen. Jeg dyrket dem som en prydplante, samt den røde banan, eller Musa velutina, som er en bronze sort, der vokser til omkring 8 fod. Den røde banan bruges ret ofte i skyggefulde senge med tilstrækkelig vand.

Bananer anses tropisk og kan fryse til jorden, men vil komme fra knolde i foråret. Jeg foreslår at plante nogen banan i en plet med kun morgensol. Vores varm eftermiddag solen vil udtørre bladene.

Musa gør en stor tropisk accent hvis beliggende i det rigtige skyggefuldt sted normalt under en skygge baldakin. Jorden skal være en sandet lerjord med en masse organisk materiale.

Q: Efter en hård regn, har jeg bemærket masser af bittesmå (1 tomme) orme på min terrasse.

De normalt don kravle tilbage i græsset, og de dør på terrassen. Hvad er det om?

A: Web orme er sæsonbetonede insekter, der lever af bladene af Paloverde og andre træer. Disse orme virkelig præsentere ingen problemer med at træerne, som de vil cykle ud og lade som vejret skifter.

Ormene er en vigtig naturlig fødekilde for indfødte fugle, såsom Verdins, så de er værdifuldt at have i den indfødte fødekæden.

Q: Som nybegynder til Sonoran Desert region, jeg forsøgt at lære så meget som jeg kan om flora og fauna her.

I kølvandet på al den regn, vi lige har haft, var noget ganske interessant bragt til min opmærksomhed. Efter regn,http://www.dcanadagooseonline.top/ tønden kaktus med de røde pigge synes virkelig lyse op, og de pigge bliver mere rød end nogensinde.

Kan du fortælle mig noget mere om dette og den videnskabelige begrundelse bag det?

A: De fleste kaktus pigge er tørre og noget porøst. Selv om deres hovedformål er til forsvar, de også hjælpe skygge planten og omdirigere vand under en regn. Pigmenterne i spines lysere, når de er våde. Dette er især mærkbar på kaktusser med røde pigge.

Kissinger er direktør for gartneri på Desert Botanical Garden. Eksisterende blog kommentarer vil vise, men nye kommentarer vil kun blive accepteret via Facebook kommentar system. Til at begynde at kommentere skal du være logget ind i en aktiv personlig konto på Facebook. Når du er logget ind, vil du være i stand til at kommentere. Mens vi byder dig velkommen til at deltage i samtaler, læsere er ansvarlige for deres kommentarer og misbrug af dette privilegium vil ikke blive tolereret. Vi forbeholder os ret til, uden varsel eller meddelelse, til at fjerne kommentarer og blokere brugere vurderes at overtræde vores servicevilkår og reglerne for operationer. Facebook kommentarer FAQ

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Adidas introduces NBA All

NBA All Star Game is an exciting time to unite Adidas line of performance and style products to celebrate the court to street style that runs through basketball culture around the world, Lawrence Norman, Portland based Adidas vice president for Global Basketball, says in a news release. marks Adidas sixth season designing NBA All Star uniforms and every year we look forward to introducing performance innovations that help the best basketball players in the world lift off and take their games to the next level in front of a global audience.

The Adidas 2013 NBA All Star uniforms feature specially engineered mesh to provide maximum mobility and breathability. The West (red) and East (royal blue) uniforms also feature the Adidas three stripe design flanking the side of both the jersey and shorts. The uniform lettering and numbers are inspired by the stenciled style on jet planes.

Players warm ups will be the same: all of them in a black and white aviator style, featuring metal zippers made with a similar anodized finish used on airplanes.cheap nfl jerseys And all of them will be different: Each player jacket will be customized to represent individual career accomplishments such as NBA All Star Game appearances and All Star MVP awards, NBA titles, in addition to regular season awards and Scoring Championships.

Adidas launch soccer products to dominate World Cup

When the world’s best soccer players take the field in June, you can expect the clash of logos in World Cup 2010 to be as heated as the teams going toe to toe.

In one corner, Germany based Adidas, the granddaddy of soccer is trying to defend its 40 year standing as the main sponsor behind Europe’s most popular sport.

With an estimated 26 billion pairs of eyes on the global championships, World Cup 2010 will be a critical match between the two sportswear giants, jockeying for dominance in a $10.9 billion worldwide industry.

Nike sticks by Tiger Woods despite off course problems

LONDON Nike will continue to support Tiger Woods even though the world’s best player has taken an indefinite leave from golf to deal with personal issues.

Nike brand president Charlie Denson said Thursday he does not want Woods back on the course until he sorts out his private life, which has been in the public spotlight since a bizarre car crash outside his Florida home last November revealed allegations of marital infidelity.

Woods issued a public apology last week and has sought inpatient treatment.

“Under the circumstances, the more he deals with the issues and the better he deals with them, the better off he’ll be when he does return,” Denson told The Associated Press.

The sports giant’s $650 million golf sector has been one of the hardest hit segments of its business during the global recession, but Nike is standing by Woods despite any damage done to its imagine by his high profile transgressions.

AT and Accenture dropped Woods from their roster of sponsorships, and others like Procter Gamble Co.’s Gillette and Swiss watch maker Tag Heuer de emphasized him in their marketing.

“We’ve been supportive of Tiger since the story broke and we continue to be supportive,” Denson said. “He’s got issues he needs to deal with and he’s dealing with them. We are looking forward to him getting back on the golf course.”

Woods said last week that he spent 45 days in treatment and he planned to seek additional therapy. He did not say when he’ll return to the course.

“We’ve been in touch with his camp,” Denson said. “We’re very comfortable with where he’s at, how he’s dealing with it and we’re looking forward to his return.”

Stuart Condie, The Associated Press

For decades, Adidas was practically the only brand in soccer, providing the World Cup’s match ball for 11 tournaments in a row. The sport remains a large and historic segment of Adidas’ business.

But in recent years, Nike has elbowed its way into soccer, far more popular in Europe than in the United States. And with surprising speed, the company has managed to get players to swap out Adidas’s triple stripes for Nike swooshes.

“Soccer is a larger portion of the Adidas business,” said Matt Powell, an analyst with SportsOneSource based in New Jersey. “Nike has caught up. It puts a lot of pressure on Adidas.”

On Thursday, both companies started rolling out aggressive campaigns in advance of the World Cup, held once every four years and the most watched event after the Olympic Games.

Both companies unveiled high tech soccer shoes and cutting edge uniforms to be worn by the teams they sponsor. And depending on whom you ask, both claim to be the world’s leading soccer brand.

“Nobody has anyway to measure this,” Powell said. “The simplest thing is to say they are at parity now.”

Nike coming on strong

Following the 2006 World Cup, sales jumped by 15 percent in soccer shoes and 33 percent in soccer shirts compared to 2005, according to market research firm NPD.

Nike, the world’s biggest maker of athletic shoes and clothes, showed up late to soccer, making its appearance in the 1994 World Cup, when a few players donned the company’s cleats.

Since then, the company has been on a high stakes bid for market share, grabbing a growing number of teams, signing big name players and pouring big bucks into new products.

In London this week, the company released a new soccer boot, featuring retractable studs that adapt to ground conditions and pressure exerted by the player.http://www.cheapjerseysfreeshipping.cc In addition, team uniforms are stitched from environmentally friendly material, made from about eight recycled plastic water bottles per jersey.

Soccer is the next frontier for the company, hit by the recession’s retail slump just like Adidas. At the quarter ending Nov. 30, 2009, Nike reported total net earnings of $375.4 million, down from $391 million for the same period the year before. Revenue fell to $4.4 billion from $4.56 billion. Last year, the company laid off 1,700 and now has 33,000 employees worldwide.

The company does not release soccer sales figures. But its goal is simple: To be the world’s largest soccer company in the world’s largest sport.

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Where diehard NFL fans go to watch their teams play

Beyond the Sun Official website of the National Football League

Whether you root for the Bills or the Buccaneers, or just about any other NFL team, there’s a bar in the Las Vegas Valley where you can watch with other diehard fans. And if the camaraderie isn’t enough,wholesale nfl jerseys from china there are tons of food and drink specials, including regional specialties, such as Italian sausage and Chicago hot dogs served at the Bears bar and traditional New Orleans gumbo at the Saints joint.

Add giant screen TVs with all the action and raffles for team jerseys, televisions, even tickets to a Steelers game, and it’s hard to make a case for staying home.

Here are some valley hot spots to watch your favorite team:

/AP Buffalo Bills Moon Doggies Bar Grill (3240 Arville St., 368 4180)

A full roster of food and drink specials includes $2 22 ounce Bud and Canadian beer drafts, $3 bloody marys and $5 pizza logs, and whenever the Bills score you get a special team shot. Bills T shirts, gift certificates and TVs will be raffled on game days, with a grand prize trip to Hawaii for the Pro Bowl.

/Associated Press Chicago Bears Shucks Tavern III (7155 N. Durango Drive, 651 6227)

Head here for food specials on Italian sausage and peppers and Chicago hot dogs, along with $2 Bud Light and Pabst Blue Ribbon pints and $8 pitchers. Halftime/postgame raffles take care of one lucky patron’s bar tab, and a signed team jersey is given away monthly. The first month’s is a doozy: Walter Payton.

/AP Cleveland Browns Boulevard Bar Grille (9860 Las Vegas Blvd. South, 939 2583)

Expect a packed house at this Browns bar, where regulars reserve the same table every year for game day parties with food and drink specials and giveaways such as team T shirts, hats and other gear.

/AP Dallas Cowboys Mr. D’s Sports Bar (1810 S. Rainbow Blvd., 362 8777)

Touchdown! Every time Romo and the ‘boys hit the end zone, patrons at this Dallas bar take a shot of something tasty. When they’re not knocking those back, Cowboys fans get down on $11 beer buckets, $6 pitchers, $2 bloody marys and deals on snacks such as chicken wings and half pound burgers.

/AP Denver Broncos Roadrunner Saloon Eastern (2430 E. Pebble Road, 948 8282)

Come Sunday, this Henderson bar becomes a Denver hideout, with guests taking advantage of food and drink deals while they watch the game, play pool and lounge in the oversized chairs.

/AP Detroit Lions Meatheads Video Poker Bar (1121 S. Decatur Blvd., 870 4440)

The Lions might actually have a good year you should, too, if you watch at Meatheads. There will be raffles for jerseys and hats and drink specials from $2.25 domestics to $3 imports and $3.75 well drinks. And the game itself? Pick from a huge projector screen in the back or six other TVs.

/AP Green Bay Packers Jackson’s Bar (6020 W. Flamingo Road, 362 2116)

Johnsonville Brats and Leinenkugel Beer. Need we say more? Probably not, but we will anyway. How about two pitchers of Pabst Blue Ribbon for $9 and well drinks for $4? Oh, and drawings for Packer jerseys? Whether you’re watching the 82 inch HDTV or six other TVs, you’ll feel like a Cheesehead here.

/AP Miami Dolphins Tommy Rockers Cantina and Grill (4275 Dean Martin Drive, 261 6688)

Dolphins faithful take over this bar during games, where the staff serves $2.50 Land Shark pints and $2.50 Buds and Bud Lights. Game day raffles offer up everything from gift certificates to Dolphins jerseys, in case you’re feeling lucky.

/AP Minnesota Vikings Blue Ox Central (6000 S. Eastern Ave. 795 8795)

Far from the frigid north, all three locations of the Blue Ox welcome fans of Adrian Peterson and the boys in purple with food and drink specials during games.

/AP New England Patriots East Coast Eats (50 N. Valle Verde Drive, 834 4444)

The name says it all. East Coast Eats serves up New England style sub sandwiches and seafood and offers discounts on pizza and wings and halftime gift certificate giveaways during Patriots’ games. The place attracts a pro Pats crowd, so you won’t have to deal with angry New Yorkers talking smack.

/AP New Orleans Saints 7 11 Bar (2520 Arville St., 362 2415)

Every week of the season, 7 11 serves up a different N’awlins favorite, from rice and beans to gumbo, plus $2 well drinks and six domestic brews for $10 during Saints games. There are drawings for shirts, hats, eight screens and Jell O shots every time the team scores. Practice your “Who Dat?” thoroughly.

/AP New York Giants AP’s Grill Tavern (1231 American Pacific Drive, 567 5659)

Owned by a New Yorker for the past year, this Henderson bar is firmly Giants territory. Fans of Eli Manning and Co. can cash in on $2 Bud pints or $6 for a 25 ounce draft and shot of Harlem. Create your own pasta for $5 or try garlic knots, quesadillas or a breakfast plate, each for $4.

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Coiffures courtes pour les femmes Plus de 50

5 raisons pour lesquelles vous devriez aller court

Top hairstylists suggèrent courtes, coiffures couches qui encadrent le visage d’une femme, car il attire l’attention sur ses yeux, et prend l’attention de la mâchoire.

Comme vous l’âge, vos cheveux ont tendance à devenir sèche et plus mince.goosesale La meilleure façon de créer une illusion de volume dans un tel cas est d’opter pour les courts, coupes de cheveux hirsutes et couches recadrée coiffures.

Le maintien de cheveux courts est incroyablement facile. Une douche rapide, un rapide coup sec, un peu de sérum de cheveux / pommades, et vous êtes prêt à aller.

Les cheveux courts est chic, audacieuse et sexy. Il y a un certain sentiment de confiance que la femme avec les cheveux courts respire.

Vous cherchez à vous redéfinir? Il n’y a pas de meilleure façon de vous faire plus et dévoiler la nouvelle vous que de changer la longueur de vos cheveux.

Cela dit, optez pour une coiffure courte, surtout si vous êtes plus de 50 ans et que vous avez toujours eu les cheveux longs peut être une décision énorme. Si vous n’êtes pas complètement convaincu, alors nous vous conseillons de conserver toujours une longueur oblongue. Il n’y a pas de mandat que vous devez aller court après un certain âge. Cela dépend de votre préférence. Choisissez votre coupe sur la base de votre style de vie, la structure de votre visage, et bien évidemment, votre type de cheveux. Mais si vous avez décidé qu’il est temps d’aller court, et vous êtes jeu pour l’expérimentation, alors voici quelques options que vous pouvez choisir.

Une coupe de cheveux shag court est une excellente option si vous voulez un style qui rend vos cheveux bouncier et plus dynamique. Optez pour des couches de surface d’encadrement qui sont dévié vers l’extérieur pour un look fun. Choisissez entre les couches agitées ou des couches de rasoir coupées.http://www.goosesale.top Il est facile de style de ce regard de différentes manières pour un aspect lisse ou edgy, selon l’occasion.

Bob court avec Frange sur le côté

Si vous avez les cheveux naturellement ondulés, alors n’êtes-vous pas la chance! Un carré court avec le côté balayé bangs est le moyen idéal pour créer un look jeune dragueur. Avec des vagues ébouriffées et les cheveux libres magnifiquement, il est le meilleur style pour une femme plus âgée qui est jeune au coeur. Il suffit de se laver les cheveux et courir un peu de crème de style à travers elle quand elle est mouillée pour le look parfait.

Une coupe courte peut être beaucoup de plaisir. Si vous avez toujours résisté à un changement radical, alors ce pourrait bien être le temps d’embrasser quelque chose de nouveau. Consultez votre coiffeur. Emportez photos de styles que vous aimez vraiment et leur dire lequel de vos fonctions que vous aimeriez vraiment à accentuer. Vous pouvez travailler ensemble pour créer un style qui vous convient et vous donne un relooking complet vraiment .

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a nuanced stand

If there was any doubt about where US Supreme Court nominee Samuel Alito stands on abortion, his 90 year old mother quickly and decisively put that question to rest. Some say he is a conservative ideologue. Others say he is a smart, careful jurist who leaves personal views behind when he dons his black robes.The best evidence of his work as a judge are his published opinions. They contain a few surprises and some ammunition for both the left and the right.For example, of the four abortion cases in which he participated as an appeals court judge, he voted on the pro choice side in all but one. cheap jerseys A 1995 Alito vote striking down a Pennsylvania abortion restriction in particular is raising eyebrows among some legal scholars.”That [1995 case] strongly seems to indicate that Alito is not a policy driven true believer who’s used every possible opportunity to advance one side’s preferred outcome, but instead a judge who has indeed come down on both sides, in different cases,” says David Garrow, a constitutional historian and expert in reproductive rights cases at the high court.Senate investigators, legal scholars, and special interest group lawyers are poring over Judge Alito’s opinions written during 15 years of work on the Third US Circuit Court of Appeals. They are looking for clues of what kind of justice Alito might become if confirmed to a life tenure post on the nation’s highest court.How he may rule in abortion cases is particularly relevant to the inquiry since President Bush has named him to replace retiring Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, a key swing voter and defender of abortion rights.If Alito holds a different view on that issue, his vote could shift the balance of power on the court. His four abortion cases include: A 1991 challenge to a Pennsylvania law requiring married women to notify their husbands before seeking an abortion. The court struck down the restriction. Alito dissented. A 1995 challenge to a Pennsylvania law that required women seeking to use Medicaid funds to abort a pregnancy resulting from rape or incest to report the incident to law enforcement officials and identify the offender. Alito provided the decisive vote striking down the abortion restriction. A 1997 challenge to a New Jersey law that prevents parents from suing for damages on behalf of the wrongful death of a fetus. Alito ruled that the Constitution does not afford protection to the unborn. A 2000 challenge to New Jersey’s ban on so called partial birth abortions. Alito struck down the law based on a recent Supreme Court decision.Analysts are divided over the meaning of Alito’s votes and his various writings while on the bench.”I don’t think these cases tell us anything about whether he would vote to overturn Roe v. Wade or not,” says James Bopp, general counsel for National Right to Life. “Nor do they tell us whether he supports pro life as a value.”But Mr. Bopp says examining Alito’s approach to deciding cases can reveal what kind of justice he might become. “In these cases he didn’t go beyond the issues that needed to be resolved,” he says. “He wasn’t trying to create law. He was just carefully following the existing law.”Bopp says Alito’s style of judging is likely to carry over to his work on the high court. “He’s not a rookie.https://www.cheapjerseys6vm5.top He’s been doing this for 15 years,” he says. “That usually doesn’t change. He will do the same thing as a justice.”The Alito case receiving the most attention is his dissent in Planned Parenthood v. Casey. In his 15 page dissent, Alito said that while the provision might impose some limitation on a woman’s ability to obtain an abortion it was not so severe as to rise to the level of an “undue burden.”The judge based that conclusion on his study of Justice O’Connor’s writings on the issue.Alito’s dissent says that the potential implications on women in abusive relationships were “a matter of grave concern” to him.But he added that it was for state lawmakers, not judges, to decide the wisdom of such measures. “Whether the legislature’s approach represents sound public policy is not a question for us to decide,” he wrote. “Our task here is simply to decide whether [the abortion law] meets constitutional standards.”The US Supreme Court took up the case the following year and used the case to broaden the “undue burden” standard, in a way that rejected Alito’s analysis.But his work was not totally cast aside. Then Chief Justice William Rehnquist embraced and quoted the Alito dissent in his own dissent, which was joined by three other members of the court.Critics say Alito’s dissent suggests he is not sensitive enough to the concerns of women. They see it as an example of his personal views on abortion influencing his approach to the law.Supporters say he made an honest effort to identify and apply O’Connor’s “undue burden” standard as it existed at the time.

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